Packing is just one of those things, you do it the last minute and then end up with a pile of squashed up clothes in your bag. You then get to the airport and realise you’re bag won’t fit, have to take it all out again and squash it up, further destroying your once nice, preen garments. So, how best pack quickly, smartly and neatly?


First – Choose the clothing you’re going to take with you on your trip. Jackets and coats should form the outside of the suitcase, followed by jumpers, long sleeve shirts, pants, knits, underwear and socks.


Next place all the items on a bed or a clean floor and button them all up as this will prevent them getting all bundled up as you pack them. Next see what items will be at the centre of the bundles, this will be the socks, trunks and shorts.


The next step is to begin wrapping. Lie the jacket on the floor face down. Make sure this is the case as it prevents problems with the lapels and stops them getting bent and destroyed by the other clothes you will be suing. Place the sleeves of the jacket flat on the ground, then the long sleeve shirts inside and smooth. Try and ensure the collar is stacked neatly, next use a short sleeve shirt and alternate.


Add your trousers next, ensuring they are folded in half. Place jumpers between to add stability if needed. Soon you will get to the inner items. These are the underwear and socks. Place these items in the centre and make sure it looks like a closing petal. Then smooth jacket sleeves and fold the top over. The last thing to drape over should be the sleeves.


Making sure your bag is open first, scoop up the bundle and place it in the bag. Finally, you should include your shoes, trainers and shaving kit in the bag at the side of the pile of clothing. Now close up the case and you’re ready to go.

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